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Basically, the Republican strategy for the past three years has been this:

1. Do everything humanly possible to prevent the economy from recovering.

2. Wait for 2012.

3. Run a campaign focused on the fact that the economy is lousy.

Kevin Drum (Mother Jones)

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“A society that does not accept the facts is a childish society, and a society that makes abortion illegal—and I believe that the PBAB is a calculated step in exactly that direction—is a cruel and backward society that makes being female a crime. It works in partnership with the illegal abortionist. It puts him in business, sends him his customers, and employs him to dispense crude, dirty, barbaric, savage punishment to those who break the law. And the ones who are punished by the illegal abortionist are always women: mothers, sisters, daughters, wives.

It’s no way to treat a lady.”

This is such an important article. Eleanor Cooney for Mother Jones on the “Partial-Birth” Abortion Ban and the necessity of having access to legal, safe abortions for all women regardless of circumstance, age, race, class, religion, number of months pregnant, reason for being pregnant, etc.

You must read this.

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